Hollywood Style is an “All American Made” brand manufactured with highest quality pure natural ingredients in California. It has achieved an extraordinary reputation in the beauty industry internationally because it is a hypoallergenic product that is best suited for all skin types. Hollywood Style represents the beauty, the fame and glamour of the film industry where styles are created.

Our products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients available in the industry, labels are colorful, elegant and appealing with complete usage directions/ ingredients to provide the consumer full knowledge about the product. Each product is printed with manufacturing and expiration dates.

Professionals’ Choice: Professional hair stylist, artists, estheticians, beauticians, dermatologist, beauty parlors, spas, and fitness clubs use Hollywood Style worldwide.


HERBAL HOLLYWOOD STYLE made in USA, manufactured and marketed by: V.S Labs USA, Beverly Hills, CA and distributed only by GLOSONS TRADING LTD., COMPANY


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